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Peugeot dealer helps disabled veteran with automatic car

Over a month ago

Disabled veteran Mike Morris, who is part of the self-build project run by the Community Self Build Agency (CSBA) in Weston-super-Mare has received help from his local Peugeot dealer. A recent operation on Mike’s leg left him struggling to drive, using the clutch became very painful, and his surgeon told him he would need to have an automatic car. Mike says “I would like to thank Howard's Peugeot in Weston-super-Mare for such a fast response in coming to my aid, they sorted everything out with Motability, ended my original contract early, with no penalties, and found me an automatic 308 within four hours that would suit my needs, and I will have it by the end of the month, fantastic!! Thank you Howard's Peugeot!”

Mike gave us an update on the self-build project:

Self-build project is water tight

We now have up to eight Self-Builders on the Weston-super-Mare site with a few spaces still left. If you’re struggling to find a home, left the service recently or just about to leave and would like to live near Weston-super-Mare give us a ring on the number below. The CSBA are also running new sites in Plymouth, Wrexham and Hereford.

It’s amazing how much help can be given for ex-Armed Forces. We have a couple working on the self-build project, Mary & Robert, who were made homeless, but now have a lovely place to stay until the build is completed. As soon as I mentioned that they are ex-Armed Forces having served our country for several years, at home and overseas, they were offered a place on the spot as well as being charged a fair rate. They can stay there until the build is complete… there is hope!

I cannot believe how fast the build has gone up. Foundations were laid in May of this year, Fisher & Dean are the contractors and they are superb, well organised, their training is excellent; the Health & Safety training is second to none, and the site is so clean. Probably for most of us we've not been to college for years, if at all, so when we all discovered we had to go to college and complete one large paper and sit an exam (for a CSCS card) it was a bit of a shock. This is required for anyone who goes onto a building site, luckily we all passed with flying colours. There are 14 homes in total, 10 are for Veterans including disabled flats, the local housing association Knightstone Housing will keep 4 to house local people. Already the build is totally watertight, some of the scaffolding is down and we can see the beautiful rendering on the outside which marries up with Bath stone, stunning!!!. The crane was removed from the site on the 25th October, it was amazing to watch a large crane being disassembled, loaded on a truck and taken away. Very shortly plumbers, electricians, chippies and other contractors will be on site to start on the inside. Most self-builders (including myself) have never ventured onto a building site, but it's seductive, it draws you in and it's great to see what each day brings. We are getting to know each other, meeting our future neighbours before we move in next year.

Most of us have been injured either physically or mentally (or both) whilst serving in the Armed Forces and it is when you are discharged that help is needed. The resettlement process isn’t structured to care for all the needs that Veterans require. More needs to be done before they get discharged, they need to know where to go once they hit civvy street. I feel that the resettlement process must change, so I am trying to put together a portal, a one-stop shop if you like which would help our guys get onto a self-build project such as the one I’m doing, which also provides training to learn a new skill so you can move forward and secure a job. The aim for this portal is to provide all the contact numbers required to help you get your new life, including information on what benefits are available, advice on financial matters and much more. There are so many who are living on the streets, let's give them the help they deserve, please remember, a lot of our Armed Forces personnel fought for us so we could sleep easy.

If you’d like to get involved in any way with creating, or funding this portal you can contact the CSBA (Community Self Build Agency).

Michael Morris

Email: selfbuilderworle@gmail.com

Michael Morris: 07530 121212

Ken Hames: 07779 081220