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MoD estates are deteriorating fast says NAO

Over a month ago

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The National Audit Office (NAO) has claimed that much of MoD’s property is run-down and in need of repair. The report states that the “poor and deteriorating” state of barracks, depots and bases could “affect defence capability”. On top of that poor housing for service families is affecting their morale, and costing the Government thousands of pounds to upgrade many of its homes. There is fear that this steady decline will also affect staff retention.

Examples include not enough funding to replace 80-year-old power cables on a Portsmouth base that could affect the operation of its £6.2 billion aircraft. Leaking roofs, unsafe infrastructure and insufficient maintenance for military vehicles to be “in readiness” are also amongst the findings from the NAO report.

The MoD, who is facing a deficit in funding of £8.5 billion over the next 30 years, said that financial pressures meant only essential maintenance could be carried out on estates since 2009. It has however stated that there are plans for a £4 billion investment in improving facilities and housing, in a long-term military-led strategy to bring its estates up to scratch.