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RAF Wilmslow

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Ratty 30 November 2013 10:26
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I was at Wilmslow in June 1959, and then went on to Hereford, Medmenham and Rheindahlen. If anybody remembers these stations, or, indeed if they were elsewhere in the WRAF/RAF generally, they might enjoy my published book Naafi, Knickers & Nijmegen. Written in 1963 but not published until 2009 it is a real trip down memory lane for anyone who was there or a snapshot of the time for anybody too young to have been there. It is available on Amazon but cheaper if bought direct from me. I can be contacted via the message board and would then tell you how to get in touch with me. (Like Veronica in the note below, I too re-enlisted but a bit later, in 1969. However, the book is about the first time during those lovely halsyon days of the late fifties. A lovely era.
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