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In praise of my local hospital

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In praise of my local hospital

Aside from generally excellent health, I have atrial fibrillation which Im told is quite common and no cause for real concern. Im never aware of it except sometimes when youre lying in bed and you can hear your own heart beat for some physical reason which escapes me. On those occasions my heart sounds a bit like that Peter Sellars song "Oh Doctor Im in trouble and my heart goes bump- diddy- bump -diddy bump bump bump". Well, I woke up on Saturday morning, very short of breath, and my heart doing a fair imitation of a Ferrari. So Anne drives me to the Emergency Department of my local hospital just a few minutes away. Its brand new, state of the art, with all the bells and whistles, I was inside on a trolley and whisked inside in a heartbeat! I was wired up for an ECG, and had a shunt inserted " because were going to need it" and even I could see that that my heart rate was far too high. They had meanwhile taken blood, and given me some unpronounceable substance to slow my heart down and some pain relief because my lungs were on fire. Then a briefing from a wonderful lady Doctor, English, "call me George" [real name Georgina], that the ECG is fine and no different from the one taken last year, but the blood test revealed I had a chest infection which was the cause of all the kerfuffle. Meanwhile, Anne and eldest daughter Kate, [a Registered Nurse in the very same hospital!] had turned up, but as a second blood test had been taken I suggested they may as well wait at home and I would call when ready. So they left, and I waited for results with the promise that if they were the same as the first test, I could go home with some antibiotics in hand. Well, it was all good news, and I could leave and as no one had asked me how I was getting home, and as it was a lovely morning and very warm, I set off to walk home, all of fifteen minutes away. I was half-way when Kate pulled up alongside and I heard: "DAD! What the Hell do you think youre doing?" So I put on my best Forrest Gump face and plead insanity, [daughters like to feel theyve got you exactly where they want you you see!] As for that Emergency crew. How professional can you get?
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